Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mr Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze Review

I absolutely love the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They literally saved my ancient bathtub, my baseboards from having to be repainted, our aging outdoor chairs, and so much more. When I saw the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers with Febreeze I was ecstatic and thought, "what a wonderful combination of two great products. " You could smell the wonderful clean smell before you even opened the box. One side of the sponge is the original Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the other side is a green sponge apparently soaked in a solution of Febreeze and activated when wet. The fresh smell was a wonderful treat for the senses, but I was quickly disappointed when I realized that the green side was NOT the same as the Magic Eraser and did not perform the same as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponges and in fact was like most normal sponges. This put me in a dilemma should I tear the green sponge off so I could use both sides of the Mr. Clean sponge or keep it on there and just rinse more often? I opted to tear it off because if you have ever used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you know that as you use them they start to disintegrate and unless you turn them and use both side equally, they don't last as long. But then I was without that wonderful clean smelling Febreeze effect. I actually purchase 6 boxes of 2 of them at Big Lots since they were such a deal. Still a deal even though I have to tear off the green side, but I wish they could figure out how to infuse the Febreeze into the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in it's original state.

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